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Terms and Copyright Information

Konekterra Design reserves all the rights on the design and photographs taken by konekterra design of the websites being developed. The design includes all the parts that were decided, designed and implemented by konekterra design, such as website structure, menus, page layout, photographs, and ways to show the photographs.

The specific content in the paragraphs and menus are copyrighted by the client, as well as any photographs, pfds and other materials that they have provided.

The client does not have access to the website server because it contains proprietory technology, and as a customized website is edited only by Konekterra Design.

The website is not transferable to other parties, and no parts of the copyrighted designed refered above can be used to implement other website or any other application. Exceptions can me made after request, for example for photographs to be used for something specific, in which case they must include the copyright by Konekterra Design.


The design and materials created by Konekterra Design have all the rights reserved by Konekterra Design.