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  • Our Websites Work!

    "Having a great website is very
    valuable to our business!

    People can easily find us in
    searches (1st page).

    We've had wonderful success with
    our website!"

    Roy and Michael Crumrine
    "Cook's Seafood"

  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is like tuning a racing car, your
    website is the car.

    A website that appears high in web
    searches do drive new business!

    Many factors have to play together for
    a website to appear high in

    - Design and implementation.

    - Content.

    - Interest from other sites.

    Try: "seafood, menlo park, ca"

    ...and look for Cook's Seafood...

    If a website does not bring new
    customers often it is better to
    build a new one.

    If a website doesn't work:

    - Poor design and implementation
    (google and other search engines
    can't find it).

    - Bad content.

    - Bad SEO (Search Engine Optimization.

    "New customers before (red) and after (blue) redesigning a website"

    connect your
    with your

    ...we take
    that show
    your business
    and sell your
Web Solutions & SEO for Small and Medium Businesses

The ultimate test of a Small & Medium Business website is how easy it can be found in searches (ranking) and if it brings new customers and sales - That's what we do.

A new approach to Websites with a focus on high web search results (high search ranking). through "white hat" SEO (Search Engine Otimization), that is without using artificial tricks to boost search rankings.

Understanding your business and customers is crucial, so we work face to face with customers. Our approach also puts people, values and the true purpose of your business at the center.

Small, very small and medium businesses have the opportunity to communicate and operate at a Human Scale, making this one of the best things you can offer.